• Beau Elliott

What is the Smartest Dog Breed?

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

The Top 5 SMARTEST Dog Breeds on the Planet

The smartest breeds of dogs are hard to determine, as intelligence can be judged in a number of ways. Every breed will specialize in one task over another, and while we have compiled a list of the 5 smartest dog breeds based on logic tests and overall intelligence, many other breeds will rank higher in other categories.

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5. Doberman Pinscher

Muscular, loyal and fearless, the Doberman is a force to be reckoned with in the dog world. Hyper-intelligent and athletically built, this breed easily makes our smartest breeds list.

4. Golden Retriever

Also perhaps one of the most loving breeds on the planet, the Golden Retriever is far smarter than they may look. While they can be derps running around the house and eating everything in sight, their keen mind and quick thinking make them the 4th smartest dog breed overall.

3. German Shepard

The German Shepard is renowned for their intelligent minds and loyal, watchful manner. Used as police dogs is many countries, the German Shepard is easily trained and unflinchingly loyal. They have sharp minds that can easily problem solve and innovate and are well suited for a variety of tasks.

2. Poodle

The Poodle being at the top of the world's smartest dog breeds list may be a surprise to many people, but not to those who have had the pleasure of owning one of these magnificent dogs. Poodles are deviously smart and if you're not careful you can easily fall prey to one of their witty tricks to steal your snacks.

1. Border Collie

Border Collies are not only the smartest dog breed in the world but also one of the most affectionate. Just look into the eyes of any Border Collie, and their intelligence is easily seen in those deep, pondering eyes. The smart wit and energetic demeanor means they need to constantly put their skills to use, and is only suitable for owners with the time and energy to handle their intelligent minds.

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