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The Best Dog Park in Denver

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Denver Colorado is home to one of the highest populations of dogs per citizen in the world. It seems everywhere you look, someone is walking their furry friends around the city of Denver. If you just moved to Denver with your dog, or are just looking for a new park for you and your dog to visit, finding the best dog parks in Denver can be tough. Finding the safest dog park in Denver that will keep you and your doggo entertained for weeks on end may seem impossible at first. Some dog parks in Denver can seem deserted on weekdays, while some will seem overcrowded even at odd hours of the night. We decided to try every dog park in the city of Denver to find which dog park was the best and create this easy to read list of the top dog parks in Denver County.

The Top 5 Dog Parks in Denver

5. Glendale Farms Open Space, Castle Rock

Price: Free

Hours: Sunrise - 1 hour after sunset

This 145-acre open space dedicates 17 full acres of land solely to an off-leash dog park, while also providing you and your dog with an endless amount of idyllic hiking trails through Colorado vegetation and scenic ponds and streams. The off-leash area features a doggy obstacle course and many secluded areas to relax with your pup if other doggos get a little overwhelming for your buddy. This dog park may be a little out of the way for Northern Denver residents, but is a great option for anyone in Englewood or Littleton. As with many dog parks in Denver, the off-leash area is mostly dirt, so be prepared for mud if it has recently rained or snowed.

4. Forsberg Park, Lakewood

Price: Free

Hours: 5am - 10pm

At just over 2.5-acres, Forsberg Park is the smallest off-leash dog park that made it onto our list. However, the central Lakewood locations and awesome dog amenities provided at this park make it easily one of the top 5 dog parks in the Denver area. Forsberg park features beautiful mountain views, a wonderful bike path, picnic areas and of course, an off-leash dog park. Situated in west Lakewood, Forsberg dog park is a great option for anyone in central Denver, as a short trip down Highway 6 can get you there in just minutes. Forsberg dog park is a popular spot, so if you and your pup are feeling a bit lonely, this park is a great option.

3. Chatfield State Park Off-Lease Dog Area, Littleton

Price: $9 State Park entry fee + $2 off-leash fee (fees waived for those with a Colorado State Parks pass)

Hours: 5am - 10pm

With just under 70-acres of completely fenced, off-leash dog areas, the Chatfield State Park Dog Park is massive. With numerous ponds and lakes spread out across the huge open space, Chatfield can be the perfect spot for your dog on a hot summer day. The large area of the park can provide a somewhat secluded feeling that you will be hard-pressed to find at other Denver dog parks and is definitely worth the drive. If you plan to frequent the Chatfield off-leash dog park, a Colorado State Park pass and off-leash pass are worthy investments as they will make every visit free. The State Park pass will also get you into the Cherry Creek off-leash dog park, the next park on our list.

2. Westminster Hills Off-Leash Dog Park, Westminster

Price: Free

Hours: Sunrise - Sunset

At 420-acres, the Westminster Hills off-leash dog park is the largest on our list. The expansive open space is located within the 15,000 acre Westminster Open Space, making it one of the best weekend dog destinations in the city of Denver. If you are looking for a fun Denver activity to do with your dog, you can easily spend a full day at the Westminster open space and still not see the entire space. With a myriad of dog-friendly features and watering holes, this dog park makes for a great respite from city life when you just want to get lost in the outdoors. This park is only partially fenced, so be sure to keep an eye on your pup as they adventure throughout this massive dog park.

1. Cherry Creek Dog Park, Aurora

Price: $9 State Park entry fee + $2 off-leash fee (fees waived for those with a Colorado State Parks pass)

Hours: 5am - 10pm

This gigantic 107-acre dog park is situated in Cherry Creek State Park, just minutes from downtown Denver. Cherry Creek flows through the park's off-leash dog area, offering dogs the ability to tromp through crystal clear waters as they play with their newfound furry friends. The massive size and fun water features make Cherry Creek dog park one of the best in the city. The area is completely fenced, so you can sit back and relax as your dog explores through the tall grass, babbling brook and one of the dozens of dog trails running through the open fields. Due to the unbeatable amenities offered for both humans and dogs, Cherry Creek dog park is a very popular doggy hot-spot in the city of Denver. If you and your pup are looking for the best dog park in Denver, then make your first trip over to Cherry Creek Dog Park.

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