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The 5 Most Dog-Friendly Airlines in the World

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

If you are planning to soon travel the world with your dog, you are perhaps wondering "which airline is best for dogs?" and you will most likely need to find a dog-friendly airline to safely transport you and your pup to your chosen destination. Not every airline will be happy about flying your furry friend, so we compiled a list of the top 5 most dog-friendly airlines in the world.

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5. Air India

Price: Depends on the destination country

Air India has made a name for itself as one of the most dog-friendly airlines in Asia. They will work with you to make accommodations for your pet to make sure your furry friend stays safe and secure when flying.

Your pet will need to have all proper vaccinations and adequate paperwork to fly with Air India and fees will vary depending on which country you are flying to. Your pet cannot be considered carry on luggage, and there will be certain restrictions when bringing your pet aboard.

Click here to learn more about Air India’s pet policy.

4. Air France

Price: As low as $30 and as high as $200

Air France is one of the most pet-friendly airlines in Europe, allowing your dog onto the plane on both international and domestic flights. If you plan to travel to Europe with your dog, Air France is worth consideration.

This airline will require a pet container that meets there standards and their fee will vary greatly depending on animal size and destination country.

Click here to learn more about Air France’s pet policy

3. Air Canada

Price: $50+

Canadians are well known as some of the most friendly people in the world and Air Canada upholds that tradition. This airline will work hard to ensure your pet is properly taken care of for just a low fee.

Emotional support animals and small dogs are allowed on board, with larger dogs being kept in safe, secure crates in non-passenger areas. Air Canada travels all across the world, so they can be a great affordable option when flying internationally.

Click here to learn more about Air Canada’s pet policy

2. American Airlines

Price: $125

American Airlines is the largest airline in the world and they have nearly perfected the craft of flying with your dog. Pets can be taken into the cabin as long as they are in a crate stored safely in front of your seat.

When flying internationally, larger, non-service dogs are required to be checked in a crate in non-passenger areas. While checking your dog under the plane can always be scary, American Airlines has a long track record of safely flying pets around the world.

Click here to learn more about American Airline’s pet policy


Price: $100+

Jet Blue is the world’s most dog-friendly airlines, with a myriad of different options for flying with your dog. Jetblue even has its own pets rewards program, called the JetPaws program, which awards you travel points when flying with your dog!

The JetPaws program offers perks and extra care for you and your dog when flying with Jetblue, and has made this airline the selected form of travel for those accompanied by furry friends.

Click here to learn more about Jetblue’s pet policy

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